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From its establishment, AMT Management has consistently participated in investment and trading activities on the Australian Stock Exchange, starting its journey in 1997. We cater to our private wealth clients with our profound knowledge and experience in stockbroking, providing unique insights into pivotal companies, distinguishing us from other market players. Discover the advantages that our all-encompassing stockbroking services provide to investors.

is widely recognized for its cautious and comprehensive market analysis, serving as a key contributor to wealth accumulation for many investors across generations.”
Global Equities
The Australian stock market accounts for merely 3% of the world's equity market by capitalization, often heavily skewed towards sectors such as commodities and financial services, and under-represented in areas like technology and healthcare. By choosing to invest in international shares via AMT Management, investors gain access to a wealth of global opportunities beyond the domestic market, facilitating a more comprehensive diversification of their investment portfolio.
Australian Shares
Since 1997, AMT Management has established a noteworthy presence in Australian stockbroking, maintaining a legacy of superior performance. Our dedicated team of Private Client Advisers upholds this esteemed tradition, pinpointing optimal share portfolio prospects for our private wealth clients within the Australian sector. As a distinguished full-service stockbroker, we dedicate ample resources to guide clients in developing an investment portfolio tailored to meet their financial aspirations.
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