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What is PARS?

The Portfolio Administration and Reporting Service provided by AMT Management is a vital tool for managing investment portfolios. It offers accurate, current, and streamlined portfolio administration, enhancing the efficiency of both investors and their AMT Management Advisers in handling investments.

is widely recognized for its cautious and comprehensive market analysis, serving as a key contributor to wealth accumulation for many investors across generations.”

Portfolio Management Service

Nuts & Bolts of PARS
Portfolio Analysis & Reporting
Your AMT Management Adviser will consistently review your investment holdings, asset distribution, and overall portfolio performance, aligning these with your predefined strategies, investment objectives, and personal goals. This thorough understanding of your financial status guarantees that you always get the most appropriate investment guidance. Thanks to 24/7 online access and a quarterly 'Report Pack', you and your Adviser will have uninterrupted access to in-depth information, which is crucial for informed investment decisions. Additionally, the 'Report Pack' offered at the fiscal year-end is tailored to ease your tax planning process.
Online Access
Online Access Features Being a PARS client, you are entitled to register for comprehensive online access to the Up Funds Management website. This unlocks a wealth of investor services, research, and vital information easily available to you:
  • Continuous access to the valuation and specifics of your portfolio
  • Immediate updates on share prices and indices performance
  • Direct access to company research reports and investment advice
  • Access to exclusive client publications
Your personalized set of reports is always available on the [AMT Management] website, viewable on your own secure, password-protected pages.
Quarterly Reporting
  • Asset allocation analysis, including Variance Reporting options
  • Comprehensive Valuation Statement, with options for GICS classification reports
  • Summary of Unrealised Capital Gains Tax
  • Summary of Realised Capital Gains Tax
  • Detailed summary of Investment Income and Expenses
  • Overview of Portfolio Transactions
  • Optional reports on Portfolio Performance
Annual Reporting
In addition to the quarterly 'Report Pack', you will also be provided with specialized Annual Reports. These reports are designed to significantly simplify your tax preparations, offering comprehensive tax reporting that addresses all your needs, including:
  • Detailed information on investment income received, along with relevant tax components
  • Comprehensive summary of Realised Capital Gains Tax
  • Annual overview of all portfolio transactions
  • Yearly statements of Company and managed funds distributions
  • Summary of all investment-related expenses
Portfolio Administration Services
Changes in the market or your personal life may call for revisions to your plan and progress check-ins. During scheduled reviews, your planner might recommend changes to your portfolio to ensure your investment and financial strategies remain in sync with your evolving financial and lifestyle objectives. Our service includes a handy 'mailbox' feature, where we manage all your incoming investment-related correspondence. We filter and forward only the vital communications to you, ensuring your records are up-to-date and concise. Additionally, we offer a wide range of supplementary administrative services, such as: Systematically gathering dividends, trust distributions, and interest payments on your behalf. Working in tandem with your Adviser to handle rights issues, takeover bids, and other corporate actions for you.
Access to Leading-Edge Research
The research expertise at Up Funds Management is a cornerstone in achieving your investment objectives. Our team of adept and dynamic research analysts is continuously expanding their scope, delving into an ever-growing number of stocks. Up Funds Management Research is particularly renowned for its proficiency in small to mid-cap stocks, a distinction well-acknowledged in the industry. We have privileged access to comprehensive global institutional research. This is further strengthened by our dedicated Australian research teams, consisting of 50 analysts who scrutinize 200 domestic listed companies. [AMT Management] Research uniquely tailors JPMorgan's research to meet our clients' specific requirements or augments it with our specialized in-house research. Our strong industry standing and extensive Adviser network enable us to frequently organize presentations by CEOs of leading Australian companies. These interactive sessions are crucial for gaining a deeper insight into these companies, understanding their challenges, market dynamics, and strategic goals.
Up Funds Management Cash Management Trust
The AMT Management Cash Management Trust acts as the primary hub for your investment portfolio, streamlining a range of financial transactions:
  • Facilitating the completion of equity investment purchases and sales.
  • Managing the processing of applications and redemptions for your managed fund investments.
  • Handling settlements for your floats and placement purchases.
  • Assisting in the fulfillment of corporate action requirements.
  • Covering mandatory government fees and charges.
  • Receiving and managing your dividends and distribution entitlements.
  • Administering payments for PARS fees and charges.
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