Superannuation Forms a Critical Part of Stability

At AMT Management, our Planners & Advisers have the required expertise, resources, and experience to direct you towards a robust superannuation investment strategy.

Superannuation & SMSFs

The returns from superannuation funds are vital in building an investor’s private wealth, greatly influencing their lifestyle in retirement. Our skilled Financial Planners and Advisers at AMT Management have the necessary know-how, support, and experience to assist you in crafting a sound superannuation investment strategy.

is widely recognized for its cautious and comprehensive market analysis, serving as a key contributor to wealth accumulation for many investors across generations.”

UMA Superannuation

AMT Management’s Unified Managed Account (UMA) Super simplifies enjoying the tax benefits of superannuation while eliminating the complexities of trustee management. This advanced platform offers a wide range of investment choices and insurance options, all manageable through a secure online account.

Setting Up an SMSF

Self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) appeal to those investors seeking greater control and hands-on involvement in their super fund’s management, including choosing specific investments.

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