Portfolio Through Fixed Interest Securities

Fixed interest securities are financial instruments designed for generating investment income and adding diversification to investment portfolios. These include various products like term deposits, bonds, and floating rate notes, which are integral to investment strategies, particularly valuable in times of market fluctuations by providing stability and potentially attractive returns.

In Australia, the ASX listed interest rate securities market is highly regarded, regularly offering hybrid securities that blend fixed interest and equity features, along with both fixed and floating rate securities, and government securities. AMT Management is an active participant in this market, frequently engaging in new issuances specific to the Australian context.

Additionally, the Fixed Income Team offers a range of unlisted Australian and international bonds. These are tailored to meet the needs of a diverse clientele including Australian wholesale clients, institutional fund managers, corporate entities, and individuals with high net worth.

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Balanced Portfolio Diversification

Types of Fixed Interest Securities
Term Deposits
AMT Management provides a specialized term deposit service (with a minimum investment requirement of $10,000), enabling clients to efficiently invest across a range of leading financial institutions and banks. This service offers the advantage of evaluating market interest rates and simplifying administrative processes. Key advantages of investing through [AMT Management] include:
  • Easy-to-understand investment option
  • Competitive interest rates sourced from various Australian banks and financial institutions
  • A secured, fixed rate of return over a specified time frame
  • Investment durations vary from one month to five years
  • Regular issuance of a “Term Deposit Rate Sheet” detailing current interest rates from different banks for various term lengths
  • Timely alerts about special interest rate offers
  • Straightforward procedures for investment renewal, maturity handling, or switching financial institutions at term end
  • Reporting options vary based on the chosen service
Listed Fixed Interest Options
In the current ASX listed fixed interest market, there is an inclusion of hybrid securities, fixed and floating rate securities, as well as government securities. AMT Management often acts as a co-manager for Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) in this sector, granting clients preferential access to new offerings. This involvement diversifies client portfolios by incorporating investments from top-tier Australian corporations and banks. As a prominent facilitator in this evolving Australian market, [AMT Management] plays a key role in the secondary market trading of these securities, offering clients the benefit of the ASX's transparency and liquidity.
Wholesale Bonds Service
Stabilize your investment portfolio with reliable returns. Wholesale Bonds present fixed income investment opportunities that provide consistent income streams while minimizing capital risk. By integrating a varied selection of wholesale bonds into your portfolio, you can secure a predictable return. This not only boosts your portfolio's capital safety and diversity but also improves its cash flow stability.
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