Our Corporate Finance division provides in various areas, handling mergers and acquisitions, and offering comprehensive aftermarket support.

A Tradition of Outstanding Performance

The team at AMT Management Corporate Finance is composed of seasoned professionals with extensive backgrounds in global investment banking and business. For every project, we form a team with a rich variety of expertise, drawing from fields such as finance, engineering, law, accounting, retail, agriculture, and management consulting.

is widely recognized for its cautious and comprehensive market analysis, serving as a key contributor to wealth accumulation for many investors across generations.”


AMT Management Corporate Finance specializes in offering top-notch services in capital market financing, mergers and acquisitions, and comprehensive aftermarket support.
Equity Capital Markets & Fixed Income
We specialize in underwriting and advising companies looking to raise capital through:
  • ASX IPOs
  • Pre-IPOs
  • Secondary raisings for listed companies (institutional placements, share purchase plans, entitlement offers, selldowns, and block trades)
  • Unlisted growth capital
  • Offering equity and equity-linked security issuance (such as convertible notes)
  • Origination, structuring, execution, and distribution of fixed income/hybrid capital (including convertible preference shares, subordinated notes, and capital notes)
Capital Management, Structure & Strategy
We provide advisory and evaluation services for capital requirements, including:
  • Analysis of optimal capital structure
  • Review of funding options
  • Execution of capital management strategies
  • Negotiation with senior and junior lenders
  • Assistance in corporate strategy development, including business plans and industry analysis
  • Guidance on competitive positioning and shareholder communication strategies
  • Support in investor identification, engagement, and education
  • Board structuring advice
  • Access to a proprietary database of executive & non-executive director candidates
Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Advisory on public market takeovers and defense strategies
  • Strategic guidance for divestitures and joint ventures
  • Identification, evaluation, and strategizing for potential targets or acquirers
  • Handling transaction structuring, negotiation, due diligence, risk assessment, valuation, financing, and execution
  • Preparation for defense, including offer analysis, response strategy, and corporate valuation
  • Searching for and engaging with potential white knights
Distribution & Aftermarket Support
Our services encompass extensive coverage of emerging companies within the Australian market, offering all-encompassing investor engagement that spans institutional investors, family offices, high-net-worth individuals, and retail investors, both locally and internationally. Our multifaceted aftermarket support includes:
  • In-depth market commentary and analysis of trade activities
  • Conducting domestic and international roadshows
  • Organizing investor conferences and managing media relations
  • Delivering presentations to the Up Funds Management network
Additionally, we supply exclusive research conducted by our skilled team of equity research analysts and investment strategists, further enhanced by access to worldwide institutional research.
Emerging Equities Research
AMT Management has been distinguished in equity research, achieving the #1 position as an Emerging Company Focused Broker and securing the #2 spot for Small Cap Priority Accounts in 2019. Overview of Research Platform
  • Our in-house team provides proprietary research, especially noted for their expertise in emerging ASX-listed stocks
  • Awarded as the #1 Emerging Company Focused Broker and #2 in Small Cap Priority Accounts in 2019
  • Acknowledged as the Most Improved in Small Cap Stock Research for All Investors from 2017 to 2019
  • Extensive coverage of over 80 emerging companies across a variety of sectors
  • A reduced 'black out' period of only 14 days, shorter than that of many US-based investment banks
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