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What is the AMT Management Cash Management Trust (CMT)?

The AMT Management CMT is designed as a centralized platform for handling investment-related financial activities. It facilitates the efficient settlement of equity purchases and the collection of distributions, as well as the ease of transferring funds through BPAY. Additionally, the CMT provides the opportunity to earn competitive interest on the funds deposited within it.

The present interest rate offered by the CMT is 6.8% per annum.

Key Benefits:

  • Easy and quick access to funds
  • Guaranteed stability and liquidity of capital
  • Higher return rates compared to regular ‘on-demand’ bank accounts
  • Access to a selectively curated mix of bank deposits and income-generating securities, overseen by expert investment managers
  • Regular and detailed reporting
  • Online access for monitoring account information
  • Support from a dedicated Client Services Team for personalized assistance
“A transactional designed to manage Flows while earning returns, offering 24/7 online access and complete visibility.”
Full Visibility & Control
Competitive Rate of Return
No Account Keeping Fees*
Online 24/7 Account Access
An in knowledge pays the best interest.

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