MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – [January 19, 2024]

AMT Management PTY Ltd, a leading Investment Management company based in Melbourne, is delighted to announce a groundbreaking partnership with major banks and financial institutions across Australia. This strategic collaboration, the result of two years of intensive discussions and negotiations, will empower AMT Management to offer exclusive Term Deposit rates to private investors, providing them with unprecedented opportunities for financial growth and stability.

James Rowling, Senior Partner of the Fixed Income department, expressed his elation over this milestone achievement: “This partnership is a testament to our dedication to providing the best possible investment solutions for our clients. We are excited to offer private investors access to exclusive Term Deposit rates that were previously available only to institutional clients. This marks a significant step forward in our commitment to delivering exceptional value and returns.”

Simon Grayson, Senior Partner of the Fixed Income department, shared his enthusiasm for the future: “Our team has worked tirelessly to bring this partnership to fruition. We are eager to utilize our expertise in fixed income investments to create opportunities that will help our clients achieve their financial goals. This collaboration allows us to offer even higher rates to private investors, which is an exciting prospect for all parties involved.”

Thomas McKay, Co-Founder of AMT Management, emphasized the significance of building lasting relationships with the banks and institutions involved: “This partnership signifies more than just a business agreement; it represents a commitment to the long-term prosperity of our clients and the financial sector in Australia. We are dedicated to fostering strong relationships with our partners, ensuring that our clients benefit from these exclusive rates for years to come.”

AMT Management PTY Ltd is known for its unwavering dedication to providing innovative investment solutions and superior financial services. This partnership with major banks and institutions solidifies their position as a trusted leader in the investment management industry.

For more information about this exciting development or to inquire about exclusive Term Deposit rates, please contact AMT Management PTY Ltd on +61 (0) 3 7067 4300