MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – [January 15, 2024]

AMT Management PTY Ltd, a prominent Investment firm based in Melbourne, Australia, is pleased to acknowledge the recent Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) cash rate hikes, which have ushered in a resurgence of interest in term deposits as a secure and lucrative Investment option. With interest rates reaching their highest levels since 2012, term deposits have once again become a favored choice for Australians seeking substantial returns on their savings.

Despite the attractive potential of term deposits, a significant portion of the population (48%) remains unfamiliar with them or has never considered this Investment avenue. Recent research conducted by AMT Management highlights that only 7% of Australians are currently term deposit customers. This is surprising given that term deposits often offer interest rates nearly four times higher than the average ongoing non-conditional rate of traditional savings accounts, which currently languish at an average of just 1.30%.

Simon Grayson, Senior Partner of the Fixed Income department at AMT Management, believes that the misconception that term deposits are an outdated savings option should be debunked. Grayson emphasizes that many term deposit options are less restrictive than high-interest savings accounts, providing easy online setup and management, aligning with individual savings goals, and guaranteeing a fixed rate of return.

“One of the key advantages of a term deposit is the certainty of a fixed rate of return,” Grayson stated. “While savings account rates fluctuate, term deposits provide stability, offering a reliable way to grow your savings without the complexity of navigating variable rates and their associated conditions.”

As interest rates continue to climb, AMT Management encourages individuals to reconsider term deposits as a valuable and secure Investment vehicle for their savings. For expert guidance and personalized recommendations, please contact AMT Management’s Fixed Income department.

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